A downloadable game for Windows

Granny Hawk never skips a friday bingo night! However, this time, The God of Misfortune will do everything he can to prevent her from getting there on time. Does she have what it takes to overcome friday the 13th ?

This is a 2 players competitive game in which you play either as Granny or the God of Misfortune. As Granny, use your skateboard skills to avoid obstacles on the street. Otherwise, your bad luck meter will go up.

As The God of Misfortune, use the bad luck acquired by Granny to throw blocking obstacles in her way to slow her down.

Granny's Controls :

Move :  A, D (Left Thumbstick X-axis)

The God of Misfortune's Controls:

Drop obstacle : 1, 2, 3

Select obstacle : 0




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